Transformator    (de|en) 

wood, plastic, motors, rockets, 270 x 800 x 1300 mm

August - October 2013, intervention all around Berlin

«Transformator» is the first of its kind introducing an all-new executive strategy. Its mission is to refrain from police violence in the near future. After all it's the human factor that consistently leads to wrong decisions and blood shed without cause. A central board will hereafter decide on the operation of armed machinery.
Already today «Transformator P33» is implemented in a large scale as the prototype is beeing extensively tested on the of Berlin.

Its advantages against traditional executive practices can be elucidated easuly:

+ inconspicuous attendance in stationary execution
+ robust and weatherproof design
+ no armed police power that damages the city's image
+ risk-free police work
+ efficient dissolution of confluences
+ various armament, from teargas to fireworks.

You too can benefit from higher security and felt freedom - downtown or at home. «Transformator» will be available for private and domestic use soon.

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Transformator P33 in standby
  Transformator P33 in operation
  Testing P33 in property protection services.
  P33 - made for all kinds of bad weather.