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Peter Behrbohm works as an artist, designer, architect and film maker. By himself or in various collective formations he is exploring speculative societies and future modes of cohabitation. He either installs or excavates narrative fragments and develops autonomous obstacles that are hereafter used to conduct crash tests in public speres and its routines.

After studies in architecture, film and art at the University of the Arts Berlin and the Royal Technical Institute Stockholm, Peter received his diploma degree in architecture. Among others, he has been granted the «BDA-SARP Award» (2014) for the best German graduation project, the «Baumgarten» Scholarship (2009,2013), the post graduate «Elsa-Neumann» Scholarship (2015), the «Berlin Scholarship for Artistic Research»(2016) as well as the «MAK Schindler Scholarship» (2018) given by the Museum of Applied Art / Contemporary Art Vienna. 2019-20 he was invited to Berlin's «Forecast Festival» by Mentor Jerszy Seymour.

«Transformator», «Fahnenflucht», «Verberge», «Wientje's Mobile Bar» and the majority of his works are surgically intervening public spaces as well as everyday realities. 
2014 he opened a «Bank» in Newcastle upon Tyne. The cinematic portrait «Kobuto» (2016) about a highrise, its architect and his road cruiser was screened and awarded on film festivals and architecture conferences internationally. The elaborate performances «Habbakuk» (2018, with Anton Steenbock) and «Walhalla2» (2018) or «Frankfurt New Delphi» (2020, as «PARA Int.» ) or his «Institute for Sessile Studies / Critical Sessology» mix fiction with political action and blur the line between art and theatre.

Peter is a co-founder of «PARA International», a research group specialized in speculative archeology and minimally invasive operation. With Anton Steenbock he runs «SONDER», a unit for special problems. - is a collective sharing lunch, knowledge and means of production. His label «UnitedErrors» produces objects for potential barricades and outerspaces, such as «Nihombashi»(2017) and the «Landing Seats».

With Markus Bühler he just undertook «Flying Holes», a cinematic expedition to the center of the world - along the infrastructure of the intenet meeting its precursors, pioneers and monsters.
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