KOBUTO   (de|en) 

digital map, booklet und film (38')

with Masen Khattab and Johannes Uhl

D 2016

In Kreuzberg there stands a house, smack in the middle. The bent highrise is meandering, speeding up, turning around, straddling over, cutting through streets and city blocks. The motor roars as the city flies by behind long bands of windows. 11 floors 300 apartments 6 meters from the bumper to the tailfins. The 76' Cadillac Sedan Deville, is as old as the building. With bright eyes at the wheel is an elderly gentleman, flooring the gas pedal. Johannes Uhl is the architect. He built it when an expressway was about to hit Kreuzberg. His long building was just the beginning for another city to be built right at the edge of the traffic stream!

This is the key to another Kreuzberg. It is made up of a booklet/poster and a digital map that let's you come across and explore KOBUTO the way we once did!


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with Johannes Uhl and Masen Khattab
produced and  directed by: I
Peter Behrbohm
written by: I
Peter Behrbohm und Masen Khattab
camera: I
Johannes Waltermann und Peter Behrbohm
music: I
Otis Sandsjö
sound: I
Lorenz Fischer
montage: I
Peter Behrbohm
plans, drawings and historical photographs: I
Johannes Uhl
camera operators: I
Markus Bühler und Albert Herrmann
produktion assistance: I
Martin Behrens, Sebastian Jünger, Daniel Ripplinger und Lucie Waschke
set photography: I
Ilkan Kir
technical supply: I
Markus Bühler, Lilian Nix und Tom Rotsching
driver: I
Julian Pommer
collage: I
Peter Behrbohm und Masen Khattab
programming: I
Franz Zieris
translation: I
Eric Zapel
many thanks to: I
the Diergards and the team of Monarch

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KOBUTO trailer (1'45")
  film poster
  excerpts of the digital map and stills from the  film