BANK   (de|en) 

wood, aluminium, glass, water, lamps, loudspeaker, fish,
approx. 12000 x 4000 x 1600 mm

July - Oktober 2014, Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Another bank just opened at the edge of the medium sized city, facing a minor arterial road. The building itself is strikingly nondescript. Glowing capital letters are doing their best to generate integrity. „Money is faith“ that‘s what they say. And as if it was to underline the statement, a polished cash mashine and a set of surveillance cameras are bulking out of the wall right beneath the letters. This, after all, looks like a bank. And obviously that is what this business is all about.


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Elevation (click to enlarge)
  © Masen Khattab
      video of the installation      
                  © Masen Khattab