Neue Berliner Luft   (de|en) 

Intervention / Performance with Anton Steenbock,
sharing e-scooter, plywood, aluminum, propellers, 50kg onions
ca. 500x250x160cm, 4:00h
48h Neukölln Festival, Berlin 2017
photographs: Markus Bühler, film: Albert Herrmann

Already from far away the passersby are either laughing or looking irritated. Quite a few try to blink back tears. Two of these rental e-scooters that recently started to inhabit the streets of Berlin are parking on the pavement. Zero emission for the cit of tomorrow the advertisement sais. The electric engine is whirling almost loudlessly - rather with a faint beep. Two blokes are sitting in front of the scooters, cross-legged and each on top of a big sack of onions. With reckless abandon they are cutting the disliked vegetables in tiny pieces which they are piling up to a little mountain of onions. On the rear wheel of the futuresque machinery there finds some apparatus made from plywood. Therein the scooter's wheels are propelling a shaft which is connected to an airscrew. The potential e-mobility of the smart devices is thus turned into an pleasant airstream - which somehow smells famillar.



Neue Berliner Luft @ Cafuné Project Space, Berlin 2017

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