Diamant   (de|en)

installation and intervention with Nikolas von Schwabe,
diamant: acrylic glass, wood, flourescent tubes,
model: mixed media,
film: three loops showing the bunker and the diamond. each 5:00min

Berlin 2011

A luminous diamond is howering above a huge windowless concrete block next to Landwehrkanal in Berlin. The small openings look like slits and that is what they are. Recently, a security contractor moved inside the bunker. Flourescent tubes are flickering over the endless rows of interrogation rooms that are interconnected by big windows. A web of bureaucratic corridors gives access. The rooftop diamond is mirroring in the shiny lenoleum flooring. Yukka palms are waiting in the waiting area.

A detailed model in 1:10 allows insights into some of the interior spaces to whom the entrance ist strictly prohibited. The company is called «Diamant Security». Whether it really exist? - who knows. The luminous diamond at least is visible from the subway that is crossing the channel on a bringe every 3 min.

What happens behind the semi-translucent doors, in the dark shafts or behind the roller shutters that are almost closed?

As if those spaces were made of what they hide.

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PART A, installation view  
      PART B, 3 videoloops showing bunker and diamant   PART C, urban intervention
       scenes inside the interior model      
   installation view